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What's Included?

Build a stellar website with the leading web design software in the world! Thousands of themes to choose from and plugins to achieve your vision.

Offers an intuitive interface and makes it easy to manage your domains, software, databases, and email.

Complete access to WordPress, Elementor, Divi, Live Composer, and more! 

Any WordPress plugin you want to add is supported.

You have access to MySQL, PHP, PostgreSQL databases.

Unlimited personalized emails!

Unlimited sub-domains under your main domain.

Create free company email lists.

This is the disk space storage allocated to your account.

Our network is redundant with multiple 10 GB carriers in all data center locations.

The servers are both fast and reliable.  There is 24/7 support to ensure the servers running at peak performance at all time. In the event of an emergency we have uninterruptable power supplies to tie over to generator back-ups to guarantee your site never goes down.

A free email client for the web.

Protection against spam emails in your custom email accounts.

Tools for programers to have the capability of launching web apps such as PHP PAIR, Perl, Node.js, Python, and Ruby.

No servers are overloaded with work and are load balanced to ensure you have the proper memory and storage space at all times.

With just one click in cPanel you can install all of the most popular software to your account.  Install blogs, WordPress, eCommerce solutions such as WooCommerce and more.

Free and automatic SSL Certificates with a trusted HTTPS for an encrypted connection.

Proactive protection against hackers and security threats.  Some of the security features include reinforced DDos protection, dual web hosting firewall, brute force defense, virus scanning, and server hardening.

No matter the time of day we offer full day support on your account.

Free file recovery through saved snapshots when necessary to recover data due to corruption or deletion.

Protection against getting malicious DDoS attacks.

Constant monitoring of the database and network to ensure its uptime.

Monitor all security solutions to make sure you are protected at all times.

Scans your new and existing sites for potentially vulnerable settings.  Just click the settings you want hardened to secure your site.

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